I’m at Taco Bell! Eating dinner with the kids. Per usual, they messed up our order and ended up giving us $10 in food free.


I’m at Rodizio Grill! Eating way too much with papa-san


Tweet: Missing my boy Tanner. He is in the Dominican Repu…

Missing my boy Tanner. He is in the Dominican Republic now getting his first night of sleep in the MTC. Good luck and God bless.

I’m at The Pie Pizzeria! Picking up lunch for the office


I’m at Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC)! Farewell Elder Oldroyd


Tanner is a Missionary

Tonight our stake president came over and set Tanner apart as a Missionary. He gave a beautiful blessing to Tanner as well.

It is hard to believe that just like that Tanner has grown up and is now an ambassador of the Lord Jesus Christ, sent to preach His word to the people of the Dominican Republic. I know that I’m a proud parent, but I truly feel that he is going to do some very important and difficult things for the people of the DR. I am so blessed to have him as a son and friend. He exemplifies the characteristics of a humble disciple. I’m excited to see what lays in store for him over the next two years.

Before that can happen we have a 6am flight to see him off. There will be even more tears from me and everyone as we send him off.

God bless and protect you Elder Oldroyd.

I’m at California Pizza Kitchen! Tanner’s final meal. With the family plus Marci


I’m at Marriott City Center! Salesforce.com meeting.


Tanner’s farewell address

I’m impressed by tanner and all that he does. He gave his farewell talk in church today after a number of mishaps. It turns out that we put the wrong address on his invitations so as the meeting was starting, none of his friends and most of our family weren’t there. Kris went up and asked the Bishop to change the order so that Tanner spoke last. Everything worked out and Tanner delivered a very nice talk. The recording is below for you to listen to.

We had a nice reception over at the clubhouse and a number of his friends from high school came over to support him as well as a number of neighbors. We ordered way too much food and so we will be eating finger sandwiches for the next couple of weeks.

Tanner was scheduled to talk to the high council about halfway through his reception so we hustled over to the stake only to find that they had rescheduled him for next Sunday. Too bad he’ll be in the Dominican Republic at that point.

Oh well – that’s what happens in the Oldroyd clan.

I’m so happy, blessed, and excited for Elder Oldroyd. He’s prepared and anxious to serve. We are honored to be his parents.


I’m at Walmart Supercenter! Last minute stuff for Tanner’s farewell