Girls Camp 2015

Had a fun time with Kiki and the other girls in the ward up at Camp Zarahemla in Liberty, Utah. Thanks to all the leaders that made the camp a lot of fun.

Tweet: Ice cream and Mac n cheese with my baby girl after…

Ice cream and Mac n cheese with my baby girl after cheerleading. Good stuff.


I’m at Bikram Yoga! Hot yoga for a hot day. Is this a good idea?

Tweet: I am checking out IronMQ, a fast and super reliabl…

I am checking out IronMQ, a fast and super reliable message queue service by @getiron

Tweet: I just created and ran my first @getiron worker at…

I just created and ran my first @getiron worker at!

Counsel from President Monson

A friend put together a list of recent counsel from President Monson. It includes:

Avoid sin
Be a faithful follower of Christ
Be a little better than we have been in the past
Be a little kinder and more thoughtful
Be a righteous example
Be an example of righteousness
Be honest and have integrity
Be true and faithful
Be worthy of blessings
Become disciples of Christ
Celestial kingdom is our course: set your sail, position your rudder, and proceed
Consider consequences
Do Christ’s framework
Do the right thing at all times
Find great happiness in the midst of bitter sorrow
Follow the Savior
Follow the Spirit
Follow the teachings Christ
Have courage
Have deep and strong testimonies
Honor our priesthood
Learn the words of Christ
Maintain personal purity
Pause to pray
Place Christ at the center of our lives
Reach out in helpfulness to everyone
Remember the elderly and those who are homebound and visit with them
Show concern, lend a helping hand, and care for each other
Show our respect for those not of our faith
Stand in holy places
Walk in Christ’s paths
Walk the path which Jesus walked to lead us safely home

I’m at Department of Motor Vehicles! Getting me some good DMV love.

Tweet: RT @dennisgjones: “@fwade: A task is never full fi…

RT @dennisgjones: “@fwade: A task is never full finished until the tasks that result from it are safely accounted for. #ptbp”//GOJ, please note carefully 😏

I’m at Valter’s! Great food and company

I’m at Bennion Elementary! Parker is graduating out of elementary school. Way to go Parker!