I’m at Crystal Inn! Ahhhh, time for bed after you hot springs.


I’m at Crystal Hot Springs! Soaking with the family. It is so draining but relaxing.


I’m at Carls Jr! I hate this place but it makes the kids happy. Tonight is for them.


I’m at San Francisco International Airport (SFO)! Leaving Sfo. Heading home. Happy.


I’m at Firewood Grill! Killing time before the flight home. Yay!


I’m at California Pizza Kitchen! All the places to eat and CPK is what sounds good.


I’m at Osha Thai Restaurant & Lounge! Getting some dinner


Tweet: RT @JlVanO: @Benioff @iamwill ‘how strong my mom w…

RT @JlVanO: @Benioff @iamwill ‘how strong my mom was for not being embarrassed for standing in line’ #momsareamazing #DF14 #love

Tweet: Just made it to #DF14 and my first session was a c…

Just made it to #DF14 and my first session was a complete bomb. I hope that things get better.

Tweet: Oh #BART you smell so foul.

Oh #BART you smell so foul.